Vitiligo With Micro Pigmentation Method

Micro Pigmentation

Hard to believe, but Micro Pigmentation (tattooing) is also one of the remedy to treat Vitiligo. It is the recent development in the treatment that has shown positive results. Under this, the Skinaa’s doctor uses some special surgical instrument to implant pigment into the skin. The method is known to be fruitful for the areas around the lips in people

Micro Pigmentation involves unusual approach in which the artificial pigments into the outer layer of the skin. The equipments used are of high precision and quite expensive also. The whole procedure is mostly similar to the tattooing procedure. The patterns in which the pigments are transferred and the machine used looks exactly alike the tattoo.

These pigments should be metabolically inactive resulting in clear pigmentation. In other words, the pigments are resistant to any biological changes and are retained for the lifetime.

It is the method to transplant the natural pigments under the skin, a procedure similar to tattoo. Micro Pigmentation breaks up the skin texture and smoothen the area after flattening it. After the treatment the skin color matches very closely to the area that surrounds the infected area.

The skin doctor applies the topical anesthetics to save the patients from any sort of discomfort.

“The process of Micro Pigmentation does not take more than 2 hours. For the complete results, it will take the patient about three weeks. However, there are a few risks associated with the disease which includes infection, removal problems, allergic reactions, Keloid formation, inflammation and other similar disorders.”

In order to avoid any side effects, the doctor and the patient should discuss the all the possibilities, and risks associated with the treatment.

Under Micro Pigmentation as well, the doctor would ask for the complete medical history. Sometimes, the patient can sustain swelling in the treated areas. The swelling can be corrected with the ice packs and ointments. The pigmented areas should not be touched or exposed to Sun. The patients should follow the care instructions diligently in order to get the quick results.

After the procedure the patients are advised to see a doctor for the weekly updates and development in the skin. Micro Pigmentation is suggested to the patients who do not have Vitiligo that is progressive in nature. In some of the cases, there has been instant transformation that would just take a few weeks.

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