Vitiligo With Medical Method

Medical Treatment

So far no drugs or medicines can stop the development of the white patches on the skin. But there are a few drugs that when used with the light therapy can aid in restoring the skin color.

Medicines to correct the Immune System

Some ointments that contain calcineurin inhibitors are effective for people who suffer with de-pigmentation on the smaller body areas like neck and the face. Any such ointment should be taken only after the consultation with the skin specialist at Skinna.

Lotions or Creams

Ask your dermatologist for the creams that have corticosteroids. They help to retain the color in the skin especially in the case when the disease development is quite recent. Such creams are effective and have proved beneficial. All the medicines should be strictly taken after the consultation with the skin doctor.

The dose and the types of drug prescribed may be chosen according to the intensity of the skin disorder.

Sunscreen Lotions

Some of the skin specialists have prescribed over the sunscreen lotions. The lighter patches so developed are very sensitive to the strong Sun. Hence wearing the Sunscreen lotions will help you to prevent any type of skin burns.

Calcipotriene Medicines

A form of Vitamin D, Calcipotrience, can be used as a topical ointment. But again as it has medicinal affects, it should be used only after the doctor’s advice.

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