Vitiligo With Laser Method

Laser Treatment

The specialists at Skinaa Clinic, advise the patients to undergo the Laser Treatment after considering the span and the spread of the white patches on the body. Laser is the procedure that activates the skin cell for the damaged repair.

Psoralen with Laser or Phototherapy

In some patients Psoralen works wonders when used with the UVA or UVB lights. Such a situation lends to the quick healing but at times it may cause skin burn or even cancer. It is strictly prohibited for children under the 10 years of age. Although, the therapy would take more than six to twelve months in the complete repair, but the process is definitely effective.

A strong light is dropped on the area affected which in turn will regenerate the skin cells. Although the skin infected with Vitiligo is very sensitive and can only take the treatment after the specialist’s advice. The rates of repigmentation have shown a good sign in the patients who receive the laser treatment under the doctor’s supervision. Skinna Care can best suggest you whether you should take the treatment or not.

Only the skin that is affected with the Vitiligo will receive the Laser therapy. There are a few precautions that the patient should take care of. The skin that has been treated with the Laser light should avoid going in the Sun.

After the treatment, the skin is very sensitive and the patient can develop the redness, itching or scaly skin. The Laser therapy proves beneficial to the people who have Vitiligo spread on their face.

As soon as the therapy starts, the dermatologist or the skin specialist can tell within a few weeks whether the therapy works or not. Along with the laser, the doctor can also prescribe for some topical treatments.

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