Ph Factors For Perfect Skin care


The potential of Hydrogen or pH is commonly defined as the acidity and the basicity of any liquid solution. In any solution to drink or to apply as the cosmetic, when the pH is less than 7 then it is acidic. If the value is more than 7, the solution is considered alkaline.


pH levels :Our skin has the capability to deal with the infections and other external stresses. This ability of the skin is governed by the pH levels of the skin. Diet, lifestyle and exercise can play a vital role in keeping up with the health of the skin.


Aging Factor :Other than these, aging is another factor that depletes the quality of the skin. Hence, one should be cautious before buying and using the cosmetics product. Excessive use of the cosmetics can harm the protective layer on the skin. And it is at this point when you tend to develop the infections like eczema, dermatitis and others.


pH Relevancy :Now we will look at the relevance of pH in our daily life. The normal skin surface pH is more acidic with the values ranging from pH 4 to pH 6. In general, when we use cosmetics or body cleansers with water, the level of pH does not alter much.


Cosmetic & pH: But it is confirmed that the regular use of the cosmetic and harsh chemicals over the skin can damage it to a greater extent. Use of the herbal or organic products has emerged because of the skin issues that arose recently.

Females are more prone to such skin problems as they are more into use of cosmetics, creams and they rinse their face often with some alkaline solution. In today’s time, a large part of both the genders are conscious to take care of their skin.

The craze amongst the middle aged women for the anti-aging creams and ointments is on the rise.

All of these creams and lotions are rich in the pH content, that is, they are rich in the alpha hydroxy acids. What matters is the pH of the final product and users should consider the pH values before buying the product.

It is better to buy products with the neutral pH values if you have a sensitive skin. Some of the cosmetics also contain polymeric thickeners, dyes, and essential preservatives. You should be aware of the skin requirements as harsh chemicals can harm the skin leaving it flaky.

So the crux is that balancing the skin for the pH level is essential leaving it no scar and bad shape.

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