hair thinning reasons


From our childhood, we all have shared sweet memories of hair care tips from our grannies. Your grandmother would be the most interested person in you to have long, shiny and healthy hair. But alas! The poor lifestyle and low nutrient diet have led us to face the brunt of it.

Hair thinning is a very common problem that women face. The reasons can be many, but the important part is to know how can we treat them?

TRUST ME you are not alone facing the problem of hair thinning and hair loss. Let us know what leads to the thinning of hair?

1.     Stress

Women are prone to get emotionally stressed more than men. And once they are in stress, their bodies respond in different ways. One result of such body reactions is the thinning of hair. The emotional stress can trigger the loosening of hair roots. Apart from the hair thinning, you might also face the hair loss. Depression and anxiety cause the body to release a substance that can cause hair problems in you.

Consult Skinaa Doctors to prevent the hair control and avoid being in stress for a long time.

2.     Physically Draining

Apart from the case that you might have any emotional stress, the current trends of lifestyle have caused the severe energy drains. The body then over-exploits the existing nutrients in you, leaving very fewer nutrients for hair, eyes, and skin. This could be the major reason that leads to the hair thinning earlier than usual.

3.     Ahh!! Medicines

Medicines can treat you for some ailment but at times they can cause the thinning of hair as well. Some of the diseases that can lead to the hair ailments include thyroid, heart conditions and cancer. During the course of treatment, you might get the brittle, dry and thinning of hair.

4.     Guess you are Pregnant!!

Happy to be moms can at times face the brunt of hair thinning when they are pregnant. During this time, the hormones level keep changing that can be one of the reasons for hair loss and thinning.

Frequent changes in the levels of hormone is another reason that causes your beautiful hair to go thin.

5.     Oops is it hereditary?

Sometimes, the genetic becomes the reason of unusual hair problems like early graying, hair loss and hair thinning. The patterns may appear at different age band and at different times.

6.     Too much Styling.

If you have been overdoing the hair do with the ironing and curling machines, this can be the major cause of hair thinning. Of lately, the rise in the sense of fashion and awareness, even the youngsters are facing the problems of hair thinning. All those who do it regularly, it is high time you stop artificial drying of hair through heat.


Knowing too much about the hair thinning problems, it is now important to understand how to prevent any further damage.

  • Consult a Doctor

It is important to consult Skinaa doctor as soon as you establish the fact that your hairs are thinning. The only dermatologist can best advise you for the type of treatment. The number is 09649219219 & Mail ID is

  • Avoid too much of Styling

Do not style your hair more than it is needed. The excessive heat from the flat irons and curlers can damage the quality of hair.

  • Use natural sources for hair growth

We have many natural treatments available in abundance. Try to identify what is good for you and then use it generously to improve the hair’s health.

  • Keep your scalp clean

You need to keep your scalp clean but do not stress too much on shampooing your hair. In case, your scalp is too much dry or dehydrated chances are that you may develop dandruff and itchiness. Gradually the hair follicles may reduce in size which can cause hair fall and hair thinning.

Facing hair fall is not easy as it can take many of you in depression also. Both males and females are wise enough to understand what should be done to save their personality. Well, do not stress much and eat healthily. This could be the easiest and affordable happiness mantra for healthy living.