Beautiful Finger & Toe Nails


Your personality drives a positive energy around you. And hence, it is important for you to polish it as much as you can. Personal grooming is an essential element to have an impressive personality. Your hair, nails, teeth and face are a few things that create the first impact on mindApart from creating an effect, the healthy nails are a denomination of privy hygiene.

Let us closely understand how you can accomplish the standards of healthy nails.

Keep the hands clean and dirt free

The basic thing we know to keep our hands healthy is to keep them clean. The skin around the nail should be clean. After you use the nail paints, remember that you remove all the traces from the corners of the nails.

A childhood routine: Cut your nails

Since you were a child, you must have heard it every Sunday to cut your nails. We all have followed it to present ourselves clean and hygienic. The simple tip here is to cut your nails or trim them to the level where you do not end up in nail cracks. Long nails can twist and break if you do not take much care while being at any kind of work.

Massage your nails

It is healthy to use any natural oil and massage it over the nails. Continuous practice can give you shiny healthy nails. You can use olive oil or cold pressed coconut oil for the massage purpose. Do it in the night or otherwise the day time chores will not allow the oil to stay put on the nails.

Keep filing your nails

It is very normal to have nail cracks during exercise or household chores. Try to keep a nail filer handy with you. As soon as your nail cracks, you should file it saving yourself from further damage.

Do not cut your cuticles

The cuticles protect the base layer of the nails from any kind of damage. So when you are cutting your nails, see that you do not end up losing your cuticles. If that happens, your nail bed is prone to the bacterial infection. If the cuticles cover your nails, what you can do is push them with the wooden orange stick. Do it when you are out of the shower at that time the skin is quite soft. Later just massage the nails with some cream or thick lotion.

Replace the nail tools regularly

If you are into using too much of nail tools, always mind maintaining their hygiene levels also. Immediately replace the tools that are almost broken as there is no point using them for long. Wash the tools with the help of soap and water to keep them infection free.

Do not clean too much from under the nails

Avoid pressing your skin under the nails too much when you are cleaning it. It can result in the damage of the skin which may lead to some infections.

Nail care is just a hygiene regime and is definitely not a big task.

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Dr. Atul Jain (MD, MBBS –Dermatologist)