Tattoo Removal Treatment


The craze for getting a tattoo on the body once captured the minds of many people. After a few days, when your lifestyle changes, you want to get rid of that inked marks on your body.

If you are one of them, it is good for you to know that a tattoo can be permanently removed in Jaipur branch with simple laser & Csometic procedures.

We get to see patients who want to disburden their skin with the inked mark on their body.

What is a Tattoo?

The Tattoo is an art of modifying the body using the inks, dyes and other pigments. These can be either permanent or temporary. From the ancient times, people have either been tattooed for professional purposes or to make identification clear.

With the change of time, the tattoo got in for the fashion and show.

But what we believe is that people should know that getting a tattoo requires breaking the skin barrier. It can cause different types of skin infection and allergies. The tattoo making companies may sterilize their equipment, but this cannot nullify the probability of getting sick due to infections. Hence, in such a case we can say that the tattoo is infected.

Symptoms of a Tattoo Infection

Getting a tattoo done is not a cake walk. It might lead you to serious health hazards like inflammation, swelling, redness, discharge, foul odor, fever, swollen lymph nodes,and allergic reactions.


To the best of our doctors knowledge, there can be a number of causes of the Tattoo Infection. We can say that the following factors contribute to the rise of life threatening illness, if a tattoo is not getting right. These reasons may include:

• If you do not take care of the instructions post getting yourself inked.

• Your body part where you get the tattoo is not clean.

• The equipments used for the tattoo are not sterilized or the needles may not be clean.

• The tattoo artist is not trained.

• Your clothes may be the other reason. Proper clothes should be worn that allows the air to pass through enabling the skin to heal faster.

• Bacteria in the air can be the other problem.


A Tattoo infection can certainly be known after the physical examination of the area infected. The allergy, swelling, discharge and bad odor can be known just by seeing it. If the skin repair is not fast, then the patient might have a fever.

Treatment with the Laser Procedure

Removing the tattoo by using the high intensity Laser beam applies the breaking up of the color pigments. The type of laser beam selection depends on the color of the tattoo. Black colored tattoo becomes the easiest to treat.

But before you take up the laser treatment, consulting our doctors would be the best advice. Treatment with Laser depends on the age, size and the color of the tattoo. The procedure of tattoo removal with the Laser in Jaipur is a little uncomfortable and the patients should get an eye cover in case of face tatto, just to protect them from any damage.

Few of the patients are given anesthesia as the process is painful.

Treatment with the Cosmetic Procedure

Under the cosmetic procedures to remove the tattoo, our doctors would either adopt the Excision, Dermabasion, or Salabrasion. In these procedures the surgeon would remove the skin surgically. They may also scarp the skin to remove the tattoo. In the former procedure, the part of the skin is cut and then the skin is stitched closely. Whereas, in the latter, an abrasive tool is used to treat the skin.

In some of the old methods, the skin is rubbed with the salt or a salt sanding block.

Results with both

Both the procedures are effective to remove the tattoos. Treating the tattoo infection or removal of it is effective under both the procedures. The Laser can be painful,but use of topical anesthesia makes it comfortable.


If you plan to get one done, make sure that the artist uses the clean equipments. The area of the body should be dried and after you have one of your choices, wear clothes that let the skin heal in quite a long time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Doctor: Getting a tattoo done in a clean environment with sterile equipment can only reduce the chances of infection. If the conditions are met, you can get the tattoo anywhere on your body including the neck.

Doctor: :The tattoo removal procedures would depend on the type of the tattoo. The procedures include Laser, Excision, Salabrasion and Dermabrasion.

Doctor: You may please consult our skinaa clinic to know more about this.

Doctor: It will depend on the type of the tattoo, skin type, age of the tattoo and other factors. Your doctor can advise you best over this considering the physical state of the tattoo.