Stretch Marks Treatment


Trying to get your smooth and soft looking skin back after the stretch marks? We all understand stretch marks are an inevitable part of our life. It leads to continuous fading and deterioration of your skin texture. But guess what? You just do not have to sit back and know ways to hide your stretch marks.

One thing that is important for you to know is that you are not alone who has the stretch marks. The popular celebrities and famous personalities also had them once.

Fashion and appearance have already permeated our daily routines. Unlike others we are sure, even you would not want to compromise your looks. To address the problem? of stretch marks, we have worked out few simple treatment procedures.

But to begin with we need to understand what exactly Stretch Marks are?

Intense, narrow, streaks and stripes often lighter in hue than the original skin color indicates the presence of stretch marks. One of the most common reasons for the occurrence of these intense marks is the sudden stretching of the skin.

The common areas that are affected with the Stretch Marks are hips, tummy, thighs, breasts and back. In most of the cases, the quirky stretch marks may appear when you are pregnant, have put on considerable weight, enter puberty and many others.

Symptoms to identify the Stretch Marks.

Here is how we help you identify the symptoms that you may have the awful stretch marks. The common symptoms are:

• You may feel irritation and itching on your skin.

• Your skin may get thinner and pinkish. As not all the cases are same, the streaks may vary in color shades like it can be purple, red or brown depending on the tone of the skin.

The existence of the disease can irritate you, but the good part is the marks fade over the years. Although it may take a considerable time that will eventually fade.

Causes of the Stretch Marks

Now that you have understood that Stretch Marks rise as:

• The result of acute stretching of the skin.

• Another factor that contributes to the growth of stretch marks is the increase of Cortisone, a hormone produced by the Adrenal Glands.

The wide possibility when stretch marks develop is the time of pregnancy when your skin stretches as the baby grows inside. You may note that these marks may pop in when the skin does not retain its elasticity after you have gained and lost weight.


The diagnosis and test are simple for the stretch marks. We can generally confirm the stretch marks looking at the bare skin or the part of the body where it occurs. Another way to diagnose the marks and the reason is to establish the medical history.

Incidentally, there are chances when the stretch marks can emerge due to the serious illness. To ascertain the reason, doctors may suggest to take up the blood, urine or imaging tests.

Treatment with the Laser Procedure

Say Goodbye to the arrant stretch marks. Although the intense parallel marks fade over the years, but to get rid of them asap, you can choose to settle with the laser procedure.

The Laser is the light of a strong wavelength which is modulated to suit different frequency and duration. This high energy light treats the affected area and minimizes the stretch marks. Two of the common methods that we use to treat those annoying marks on your body are pulsed dye laser and fractional laser therapy.

The end result of the both the procedures is same. You see flawless skin free from the parallel stretch marks that have taken away your confidence. We strongly recommend laser procedures as they aid in the growth of the Collagen and Elastin, giving you the shining smooth skin back.

The procedure is simple, but some might feel pain during the treatment.

Treatment with the Cosmetic Procedure

If you feel laser treatment is not that effective on the mature stretch marks, We recommend you to take up the Cosmetic Procedure. Looking for a better and a permanent solution to never see your stretch marks again, then you can take up the surgical remedy.

The surgery to remove the lasting stretch marks is called Abdominoplasty. Cosmetic Procedure Surgery is the only alternative that will erase the mature and stubborn skin marks. Our team of experts can share their experiences with you. Stay assured with us to get permanent solutions to your ugly stretch marks.

Results with both

Laser treatments are successful yet they may be effective in the case when the stretch marks have appeared in less than one year. In other cases, cosmetic procedures give excellent results. Depending on the case and the reason of occurrence, we can take up the treatment methods.


Leave aside your worries if you have already developed the firm and parallel stretch marks either due to pregnancy or due to the increase of weight. Medical science has answered the permanent and effective solution either through laser or surgery.

The Extensive scars on your body will not be a nightmare anymore.

To knowmore and satisfy your queries, get connected with us either through phone or email. Our representative will connect with you shortly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Doctor: Age is no bar. Pregnancy results in the appearance of stretch marks which is a very common disease.You may visit our clinic and get a cosmetic surgery to get rid of those permanent marks.

Doctor: :Lasers have some risks and side effects. The patients might have redness and swelling for a few weeks

Doctor: Yes, surgery can erase the mature and old stretch marks. The Laser can wipe out the marks that were developed in a period of one year.

Doctor: Yes, surgery can erase the mature and old stretch marks. The Laser can wipe out the marks that were developed in a period of one year.

Doctor: Not as such. You may consult a doctor for the precautions as they might completely depend on individuals.

Doctor: In most cases, the creams can only moisten your skins to stop itching. They might not be really effective for the mature stretch marks.