Skin Rejuvenation for Dull Face


Have you felt recently that your skin has lost the shine and sparkle?

Are you staying too much in the Sun or are stressed due to any reason?

If anything of this is true, trust me, you really need to work for that now before you lose your confidence. Avoiding the state can cause fine lines, wrinkles, acne and other textural irregularities. And before you decide about the treatment, it is important to know what is a skin rejuvenation?

Know what Skin Rejuvenation is?

Skin Rejuvenation can be best described as the process that will restore your youthful appearance. Your skin may have lost tightness or texture after you have spent a long time out in the Sun. Skin Rejuvenation treatment in Jaipur can help you to remove your skin blemishes and other irregularities. The treatment process will stimulate the production of collagen, which enhances the appearance of the skin.


If you feel that your skin has gone dull or darker in shade and has developed blemishes, dark spot, acne, wrinkles or textural irregularities, you should consider choosing the Skin Rejuvenation. Your age, appearance, and style is completely your choice.


• Major causes of skin disorders can be stated as:

• Aging

• Exposure to the Sun

• Contact with allergens and irritants

• Food habits

• Hormonal Imbalance


The skin disorders can be commonly found just by seeing only. You can visit our Jaipur Skinaa’s doctor for the confirmation. Sometimes, the state of skin can be easily ascertained while for other symptoms like allergies or acne, doctors may advise you to take the blood test as well.

Age and hormonal changes have also caused the occurrence of skin disorders, majorly in females.

Treatment with the Laser Procedure

Skin rejuvenation for dull skin with the use of the Laser at skinaa Jaipur clinic has proved beneficial. It can drastically improve the skin tone and skin texture, thereby making your skin firm and smooth.

Laser skin rejuvenation is a noninvasive in which the laser is projected on the affected skin area.

Now there are options of Affirm Laser Skin Rejuvenation under which two different wavelengths of the laser are projected on the affected area. This therapy will treat the fine lines and wrinkles. It will also heal the deep pores of the skin, tighten the loose skin, and provide other benefits in the minimal time.

The high energy of the laser beam activates the affected cells and break them into fragments. These can then be flushed out through the blood stream. The heat on the skin also increases the production of the collagen, which will improve your overall skin complexion.

The laser treatment can involve some of the side effects and hence, you should consult our dermatologist. At times, the laser can cause swelling, itching, the lighter looking skin of red or pink shade.

Keep in mind to undergo these treatments from a qualified doctors just like Skinaa Clinic which is equipped and has trained staff.

Treatment with the Cosmetic Procedure

There are some cosmetic procedures also that can rejuvenate the skin. These processes may include Micro-dermabrasion and Chemical Peels. Microdermabrasion resurfaces the skin to make it look softer and smoother.

Chemical Peels on the other hand, resurface the skin and removes the damage giving you brighter skin. The chemical peels are formulated to protect the skin without any type of skin damage. Make sure you pick the correct type of chemical peel that suits your skin type.

Results With Both

Both the treatment methods are effective. The chosen treatment method will depend on the patient’s health state and doctor’s suggestions. The results are remarkable.


Skin Rejuvenation is restoring the skin health, giving you much youthful and bright skin tone. Treatment therapies through Laser and Cosmetic procedures are effective. It is just that you need to decide the treatment procedure after seeking our doctor’s advice. With the minimal discomfort and the minimal downtime, choose for the effective treatment therapy.

Common FAQ’s.

Doctor: See, both the treatment therapies you mentioned are effective. You can go for laser only after Skinaa’s doctor consultation as for some the treatment can be painful. Cosmetic treatments are slow but bring results.

Doctor: One session of the laser treatment will take 30-40 minutes. It will take four to five seatings with our skin specialists.

Doctor: No, most of the patients who undergo the Laser treatment feel comfortable. Our specialist will definitely use the topical anesthesia cream on the affected area. It will be done 30 minutes before the treatment procedure.

However, after the treatment, some of the patients might feel itching, swelling or temporary discoloration of the skin.

Doctor: Yes, generally you can take it. But consult your skin specialist before you finally take up the treatment.