Rashes and Itching Treatment

Know more about skin rashes and itches Treatment in Jaipur in childrens or infant babies & adults on legs, arms, hands, scalp, face, back etc with detailed info about Cost, Symptoms, Causes, Test, Results from skinaa doctors

Skin problems are quite common in people of all the ages. If you have suffered with persistent rashes and itching on your skin, you will surely understand the pain. Skin health is a way of reflecting the status and fashion in today’s time. What you eat, your lifestyle and level of stress is majorly the ruling task that affects your skin health also. Here in this section, we will be talking about the rashes and itches.

Let us know what Rashes and Itches are actually?

Rashes are the noticeable change in the texture of the skin. It can be a bumpy, red, scaly, or an itchy affected area of the skin. A rash can exist as a result of the change of weather, or may occur due to some allergies. Some of the common causes of the rashes and itches are:

• Fevers or illness like chicken pox or measles.

• Medication side effects

• Allergies

• Cosmetics


Rashes followed by itching can be of a variety that may include Eczema, Granuloma,Hives and others. Any part of the skin that gets damp for more than a usual time and does not get air to dry, can develop rashes and itching.

But how will you identify it @ skinaa clinic jaipur?

Rashes start mainly with

• Redness

• Itching

• Dry and Crusted Skin

• Blisters

• Infection


A rash may occur as a result of the itching or allergy to the specific chemical reaction. Sometimes the individuals can get a rash because of the fever. In other cases, it is observed that medicines to treat heart diseases, high blood pressure, and arthritis can also develop rashes on their body parts.

A rash can be a diaper rash, mosquito bites and stings, fungal infection, flea bites.


Rash or Itching is not a very harmful disease. It can be a reaction to the medicines or side effects of any course of treatment. Usually, our skin doctor would identify the rash just by identifying it through a microscope or naked eyes.

But some types of rash like Lichen Planus, Eczema or Granuloma Annulare can be identified by skin biopsy or scrapings only.

Treatment of Rash the oral medications

A Rash can occur anytime unexpectedly. And usually, a normal rash will get better on its own within a period of 3-4 days sometimes. But if it is painful then you will have to seek the treatment. In case the rash last longer than three to four days and if you have breathing problems with fever, dizziness or headache, then you can consult our skinaa’s doctor. Generally, the treatment will depend on the cause of the occurrence of the rash and itching.

Commonly, a rash is treated with the oral medications also.

Treatment of Rash with Cosmetic Procedure

A long existing rash can cause pain and itching on your skin. It may also lead to permanent discoloration of the affected body part. To treat the rash, you can choose for Microdermabrasion in which a hand-held wand is waved over your face. It will help to emit micro-crystals that are actually polishing your skin. During this process, your dead skin will be removed and renewed.

After the treatment, you will have to keep your skin moistened.


The chosen treatment method will depend on the patient’s health state. The results are remarkable.


A rash can be caused due to allergies, medications, weather, fevers and many other factors. It is the change of the skin color along with the itching. These rashes can be scaly, clustered or raw skin. You can avoid rashes by maintaining the hygiene level, follow a proper diet, and stay away from allergens. Other than this, Microdermabrasion can help you restore your skin health.

Common FAQ’s.

Doctor: You can keep the rash moistened, if it is very itchy. Avoid use of hot water as it will cause more of dryness. Consult our doctor for medicated creams.

Doctor: You should immediately consult our doctor. This can be the symptoms of a fever and hence the rashes, head spin,etc.

Doctor: Please consult our skin specialist. She/he can give you some topical creams, ointments or may take you for a surgery considering your condition.