Fungus Infection Treatment

Know more about Fungus Infections and their Treatment in Jaipur that includes athlete’s foot, ringworm, yeast infection on any part of your body i.e face, toe nails, fingers, back,under arms, genitals, inner thighs, or buttocks etc and guide you the causes, medicines, best fungus treatment with laser or cosmetic with Cost, Symptoms, Causes, Test and Results

Have you recently faced or have ever developed any type of the fungal infection? Any infection that leads to the decay of the skin, leading to to redness, itching, burning and sometimes sores can be identified as the skin fungal infection. You should know more about how the fungus on your skin can cause infection and disorders from skinaa’s Jaipur skin doctors.

What is Skin Fungal Infection?

It is a common type of disease that can be treated maintaining the level of hygiene and utter care. Some forms of itinclude athlete’s foot, ringworm, yeast infection and jock itch.You can know a little bit about each of it like Athlete’s Foot is a fungal infection of the foot. In this, you will observe peeling, redness, burning and blisters on your foot. The damp or moist environment can cause athlete’s foot in you.

Jock itch is also the same kind of fungal infection which develops in the moist areas of the body like genitals, inner thighs, or buttocks. The Tinea funguscauses the infections like athlete’s foot and jock itch. Ringworm is another type of the fungal infection that can appear on any part of the body. It looks bad but does not signify a serious condition.

Yeast infections will appear on the skin and are likely to occur in the moist, warm, and creased areas like armpit. The Candida fungus causes the epidemic.


In general, the symptoms of fungal infection include:

• Peeling, Cracking, and Scaling in the case of Athlete’s Foot. You may also face itching and burn along with redness and blisters.

• In the case of Jock Itch, the patient will have circular, red and raised rash with the elevated edges. It is accompanied with the flaking, scaling, and cracking of the skin.

• Ringworms appear as the red rashes in circular forms.

• A Yeast Infection on the skin will have rashes, patches that will ooze clear fluid, itching, and pimple. It may sometimes appear in the nails where the nail separates from the nail bed, swelling, pain and white or yellow nail.


infections are caused bythe fungus that survives in the moist environment. Athlete’s Foot occurs by a microscopic fungus that lives on the dead tissues of toenails. Jock Itch is mildly contagious and may occur in the warm, moist areas of the bodies.

Ringworm is a fungal infectionthat can spread easily on clothing when you are in direct contact with the infected people.

Low hygiene practices, moist and damp environment can cause the Yeast Infection also. It can affect areas like nail beds, skin folds, and vagina.


In the case of the Athlete’s Foot, Our Jaipur doctors will scrape the skin and examine it under the microscope for the evidence of the fungus. A Jock Itch can be identified just by examining the skin infected area. However, Our Fungus skin specialist will also advise the microscopic examination of the skin.

Our doctor can diagnose the ringworm just by appearance. They would also ask you about the exposure to such people. The scrapings of the infected area should be taken for further microscopic examination. The same goes in the case of the yeast infections.

Treatment of Skin Fungal Infection with the Laser Procedure

Most of the skin fungal infections can be treated using laser procedures in Jaipur. Although the complete improvement can be seen after a period of six months, the treatment is effective. In such a case, a fungus is killed with the high beam energy light that targets the infected area. The laser will prevent the future development of the fungal infection. Usually, you will observe no side effects.

Before you settle for taking the laser treatment, consult our doctor to maximize the chances of improvement.

Treatment of Skin Fungal Infection with the Cosmetic Procedures

Fungal Skin Contamination can be treated in different ways. Apart from the laser, the disease can be cured with the antifungal creams that are used in the milder cases. Topical creams, and orally administered antifungal medicines.


Treating skin fungal infection with cosmetic and laser procedure will yield effective results. Each skin type and the fungal infection differ. The option of treatment can be chosen considering the body part affected and the intensity.


To get rid of the itching and burning skin fungal infection, you can choose any treatment, either through Laser or through Cosmetic procedures. Both the methods will be suggested by your skin specialist after the thorough examination of the contaminated fungal skin. Seek the best advice to get the smooth and soft skin like never before.

Common FAQ’s.

Doctor: It seems that your pet may have Ringworm, which is contagious. Your daughter spends quite a good time with it and hence have developed the same infection. Take her to our skin specialist. He/She may suggest for the topical creams and some oral therapy.

Doctor: An athlete’s foot may occur in the damp and moist environment. When you play you foot sweat and remain closed in your shoes. You should try wearing shoes that are porous and that can breathe. You can also use powders and other drying agents that can absorb the sweat.

Doctor: It seems your finger has developed the yeast infection. You can immediately consult our doctor. After examination, he can suggest you the healing methods. He may advise you to take laser that will remove the dead cells and increase the speed of repair.