Psoriasis Treatment


One of the most annoying and provoking skin disorder than embarrassed you is the Psoriasis. The disease majorly occurs over the knees, elbows, and scalp. Sometimes it can also affect the palms, torso, and soles of the feet. If you think that whitish development on your skin is psoriasis, you need to immediately see a Skinaa doctor. Here you can know more about the disease

What is psoriasis disease?

In humans, when the skin cells start multiplying faster, say 10 times than the normal rate, it is a state which needs medical attention. The underlying cells reach the skin’s surface, they die. It results in the rise of their volume over the skin with red plaques covered with the white scales.

Psoriasis is the disease that may run in families, but may skip generations. It is a stressful disease that can be subsided in several months.

Symptoms of Psoriasis

Distorted finger nails and toe nails.

Discoloration and pitting of the nails.

Crumbling of the nails and detachment of the nails from the bed.

Red Skinned Plaque and covered with the loose silver colored scales. These patches may be painful and itchy. The plaques and these skin lesions may join to cover larger areas.

• Plaques of scales on the scalp.

Causes of Psoriasis

Every disease in our body relates to one or the other type of abnormalities that take place in the body. However, psoriasis may take place due to one of the following reasons:

Emotional Stress.

Streptococcal Infection

Abnormality in the Immune System. External pressures like that of a job may damage the defective immune system leading to psoriasis.

Causes of Psoriasis

Generally, our doctors can confirm Psoriasis by examining the skin of the patient. It may sometimes be confused with the eczema and other skin diseases.

If our dermatologist is not sure of what has happened, we will ask you to get a biopsy. A sample of the infected area may be taken for further test and examination. In case, the patient suffers with swelling and painful joints, our doctor may ask for a blood test as well.


Before taking any kind of treatment, you are advised to consult our skinaa consultant or doctor.

There is as such no treatment for psoriasis, but therapies like topical responds well.

Under the Topical Treatment, Salicylic acid is applied directly onto the infected skin without taking a chance for any other side effect. Skina’s dermatologist may also recommend the Steroid-based cream, which decreases the inflammation, itching and block the production of the cell that overproduced psoriasis.

For those who do not have patience for the psoriasis to soften up in a few months, can take up the alternative of the Laser treatment. The Excimer laser uses ultraviolet lights in the localized area of the skin. But laser can be useful to treat the moderate psoriasis only without affecting the nearby skin. The laser treatment is good for the reaching in hard-to-treat areas such as knees, elbows, sole of the feet, scalp, and palms.

Let our doctor decide the laser intensity for you and the duration of the treatment.

If you are suffering with psoriasis, then make sure that your water is not too hot when you take a bath.


Drastically improved results with latest treatment option for psoriasis. Psoriasis is the disease which can be treated in different ways, that is, through home remedies, laser treatment, and some of the drugs. However, the drugs are said to have some side effects also. Otherwise, the psoriasis will sublime in few months only.


Psoriasis is not curable but can be controlled effectively.

Psoriasis is the disease which is a type of the skin disorder. The disease may run in family through generations may be skipping some in between. It can be controlled with medications and laser treatments. Adopting some of the basic hygiene factors and home remedies can also control it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Doctor: Another alternative for the treatment of psoriasis is laser. You can get your disease treated only after the consultation with our doctor.

Doctor: Consult our doctor to know more about the home remedies. However, some of the basic tips include to keep the infected area moistened, clean and dirt free. Sitting in the Sun for a few minutes will also be helpful. But this depends on person to person or rather the extended state of the disease. Bathe with the lukewarm water and avoid using the hot water.

Doctor: The time does govern the treatment therapy, but it is advisable for you to consult our skin specialist on immediate basis.

Doctor: The Psoriasis is the disease that runs in families and may skip generations. You may take care of your child following the simple home remedies. Considering the area infected, you may also think about the Laser treatment but only after the consultation with our doctor.The Psoriasis is the disease that runs in families and may skip generations. You may take care of your child following the simple home remedies. Considering the area infected, you may also think about the Laser treatment but only after the consultation with our doctor.