Pigmentation- Black or Dark Spots Treatment


You may not have other skin problems, but the appearance of random black spots can make you feel dizzy.

The dark colored black or brown spots are the sign of pigmentation. The dark spots which you might observe now may be the result of exposure to harmful rays some 15 to 20 years back. As soon as you identify the appearance of these spots, it is easier to treat them. But before we initiate the treatment, it is important that we should know more about the disease.

What is the disease about?

Pigmentation is the disease caused by excessive absorption of the Sun rays or UAV rays in the case when our bare skin is exposed to it. The pigment cells, on the absorption of the UAV rays, produce a pigment called Melanin. It is this Melanin substance that causes unwanted dark spots leading to aging.

In females, the disease is said to occur also due to the contraceptive pills and pregnancy due to the change of the hormone level. The disease generally affects the face and mainly the cheeks, forehead and upper lips

Symptoms of Pigmentation

To identify the disease of skin pigmentation, here is what you can note down the symptoms to immediately refer to Skinaa's Doctor.

• Your skin color darkens.

• You may have skin darkening in small patches.

• It may also occur in large patches and the entire body

Cause of Pigmentation (Skin dark Spots)

Now that you know that skin darkening is the sign of ageing that refers to excess production of Melanin. Pregnancy and the change of hormonal levels in females also result in the pigmentation.

More often some of the Chemotherapy drugs that you might consume can also cause pigmentation in the skin.


The test for the pigmentation disease is normal. Skinaa's Doctors would physically examine your dark spots to identify the possibilities of the skin. If the spots are darker than usual, the doctor should advise you the skin biopsy to rule out the possibility of cancer.

It is a common practice to ask for the medical history of the patient suffering from pigmentation.

Treatment with the Laser Procedure

Laser treatment method is successful in Jaipur that can bring back radiance to your face. Before you take up the treatment, it is essential that you consult with our doctor. The Laser is a high energy beam which is absorbed by the Melanin in the Skin. It is then brought close to the skin where the dark patches occur without affecting the close by areas.

The high energy and heated beam of light can dry off the pigments which will then fall off gradually.

The treatment idea is to clean the affected area that has already been exposed to the Sun rays or UAV.


The Laser treatment is quite affordable for people. The results of the laser treatment to reduce the pigmentation is quite effective. However, consult a doctor if you have a very sensitive skin. Sometimes,the laser can get you a little bit of redness, swelling and itching. Laser works better on the skin with the lighter tone.


Skin Pigmentation is the occurrence of the dark spots may be brown or black in color. The reason of development of these dark spots is discussed above. In order to prevent the appearance of the disease, you must avoid going too much in the Sun. If you are fond of Sunlight, the morning rays till 10 am are favorable that will not harm your skin at all.

The Laser is an effective therapy for treatment that should be opted only after consultation with our doctors

Frequently Asked Questions

Doctor: Hi. These dark spots developed recently in you is called as Pigmentation. You may have kept yourself exposed too much in the Sun sometime in your childhood and it is now when the pigmentation is taking place. Please elaborate are you married and please tell me your age. After which I can identify other possible reasons. In case, you doubt these spots, you may consult our doctor or skin specialist.

Doctor: I can understand the pigmentation of the skin during or after the pregnancy is very irritating. Yes, this seems to be the right time to take up the laser treatment therapy. But you should always consult our doctor before you finally take it up.

Doctor: Not always but the laser treatment may have side effects like redness, itching, and swelling.

Doctor: Pigmentation can be in the form of freckles, age spots or larger patches of discolored skin.