Men & Women Hair Loss Treatment

Male and Female Pattern Baldness hair loss sloution in Jaipur - Causes, Symptoms, Treatment and Results

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Hair loss is a common disease that is found in men, women and children regardless of their age so great mass seeks for treatment thus creating a huge market for a provider.

In today’s market, there are many home remedies and pharmaceutical products which claim to regrow your hair back.

Most of them FAILS, reasons being:-

● Quality is not good.

● Product may not suit your hair type.

● Misleading advertisement by the manufacturer.

● Poor quality of treatment.

● Lack of experience in Doctor.

● Ineffective home remedies.

What is Hair Loss in Male and Female?

Pattern baldness is a quite common yet depressing condition that affects almost 85% of men and 45% of women by the time they’re middle-aged. In the condition, affected people experience major hair thinning on the scalp in a typical pattern. For male sufferers the pattern resembles an ‘M’, wherein the hairline recedes from the temples showing a widow’s peak and bald a spot keeps on becoming more noticeable on the crown of the head. The condition is then fairly called male-pattern baldness which varies vividly from the typical female-pattern baldness in appearance, if not in the cause.

Causes of Hair Loss in Male And Female


Comes with family,called male-pattern baldness or female-pattern baldness. Most cases of hair loss come in the category.

Hormonal Changes with age

Dihydrotestosterone-Androgen or male sex hormone is the most prominent cause for both Male and female pattern baldness. The hormone, that is believed to show its effects as the person ages, weakens the natural hair growth cycle by shrinking the hair follicle cells.

As a result, more and more hair rapidly enters the Telogen phase, the last part of the growth cycle, and the shrinking of the follicle makes it difficult for any new hair to grow in the region.

Skin Disorder

Conditions like lichen planus, some types of lupus and sarcoidosis causes severe hair loss .


Several medicines have side effects of hair loss. Several radiations contain therapy session have a side effect of hair loss.

Hair-pulling disorder

People who have an irresistible urge to pull out their hair, whether it's from the scalp, the eyebrows or other areas of the body

Signs and Symptoms

The symptoms of pattern baldness, as mentioned before, vary from men to women. Hair loss in women begins with thinning of hair on the top and crown of the scalp, and the first noticeable sign is the widening of hair partitions. The front hairline by far remains unaffected in the earlier stages, and even when the receding does appear it hardly ever leads to total baldness.

While Hair loss in men, the effects of hair loss are not quite as moderate. The widow’s peak, the first ever sign of pattern baldness, draws back the hairline becoming more and more prominent until it meets simultaneously growing bald spot on the crown. In most cases, the condition leads to complete or partial baldness by the age of 65.

Conclusively, hair thinning is the primary symptom of hair loss for both men and women, and other signs like skin sores or itching on scalp almost never occur in the condition.

Diagnosis of pattern baldness

To diagnose hair loss in men and women, both Endocrinologists and dermatologists use the pattern of hair loss as the first determinant. To rule out other similar appearing medical conditions they may perform certain tests such as that for fungal infection and nutritional disorders. However, usually hair thinning isn’t a symptom enough to signify an ulterior health abnormality unless it is followed by rashes, redness, inflammation or pain in the scalp. Distinct patches of baldness may also hint at some underlying problems, for which the skinaa's physician may perform a skin biopsy and blood tests.

Treatment of Hair Loss in Male and Female in Jaipur

Medical treatment for pattern baldness is not necessary since it is a fairly normal condition that doesn’t have any ill effects on health, but since in some cases it may cause some psychological issues if one is unhappy with the changed appearance caused by the condition following treatments can be used.


The only FDA approved a topical medication that works for both male and female, Minoxidil is proven to slow the hair loss process in some percentage people. For

medication to work, the regular application is needed for at least four months to witness any detectable results.


Believed to be somewhat more effective than Minoxidil, Finasteride is an oral medication for men suffering from hair loss. The medicine works by hampering the production of Dihydrotestosterone, the male androgen responsible for hair loss. For Finasteride to produce any visible results, it is to be taken at least for a three months on a regular basis.

Hair Transplants

By far, the most effective and also the most expensive treatment for hair loss in men and women is the Hair transplant. The process includes removing of some hair follicles from the area on the scalp that still has active hair growth cycle. These follicles are then transplanted on the areas that are already under effects of pattern baldness. The process is usually iterated for multiple times in order to get the original appearance of hair back.


This process includes a guided series of medication and home small therapy session which can be done easily by you only. Medicines we use are prescribed according to the specific type of hair.

Results of the Proven Medical Treatments

The results of all the above-mentioned treatments vary from person to person, and a lot depends on the genetics of the individual. However, as far as the effectiveness is concerned, hair transplant is the most invasive solution for hair loss both in men and women. It effectively regenerates the original hair growth with least change in the appearance.

Minoxidil and Finasteride, both take more time to control the effects of hair loss. They work by blocking the causes of the condition thereby fighting the symptoms. Moreover, the medication is needed to be taken regularly sans any lapse.

There are no such requisites for the transplant treatment however, as it works not by blocking the causes but rather by retaking the affected areas with new and healthy hair.


Technology has taken Medical field into a new era. With the help of latest Machines and technology, we can undo what has happened to you hair skin. Hair loss is no more a problem. Guided treatment and with little time, All those bald patches or any kind of hair loss be regrown. you can gain your smooth and silky hair back. The process takes few sessions but after that you will be a happy and satisfied person.

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