Type of Scars


Scars are imprints not only on your body but also on your memory. It reminds you of a suffering that may have either a permanent or a temporary impression. Well, not all but most of the scars can be treated with the laser therapies.

Generally, the scars develop as a result of an injury, burn or a surgery that may have taken place as a part of the treatment. If the size of the scar is small, then there is not a big issue as it does not hamper your looks. But if the case is just the opposite, then I am sure you need to look for the methods to get rid of them.

To know more about the treatment and get rid of these tough marks, let us first learn about the types of scar:

  1. Acne Scars

If you have acne on your face or any other part of the body, I am sure your skin would be scared to prove its presence. These acne scars can be further divided depending on their type and size. The acne scars can be angular or wavelength like in shape. Or they can also be in the shape of deep pits.

  1. Ice Pick Scars

The scars that are narrow and deep can be classified as the Ice Pick Scars. They cross the upper layer of the skin as a result of which the pores are large and wide open. 

Ice Pick Scars are formed when the acne infection reaches the skin surface and damages it. They normally appear on the cheeks area of the face.

  1. Keloid Scar

Keloid scar develops as a result of the injury. It basically comes out when the healing process is on. They generally get darker in shade in comparison to that of the skin surrounding it. Keloid is a thick clustered scar above the skin surface which appears even after the lower level healing is completed by the body.

If you have one such scar, visit Skinaa Clinic doctors/specialist as we can suggest the best alternative surgical treatment for it.

  1. Atrophic Scar

In the case when the skin suffers from hyperpigmentation, the body has a tendency to develop a scar against the upper layer of the skin. It can also be stated as the discoloration of the skin that can fade over a period of time. Atrophic scars emerge due to the loss of tissue.

To get rid of such acne scars, visit a Skinaa Clinic and take proper medication for it.

  1. Hyper Atrophic Scar

The scars that emerge due to the excess development of the tissues, they are termed as hyper atrophic scars. Somewhat similar to the keloid scars, the hyper atrophic scars are also dark in color.

Best part is they can be treated with the steroids and silicon sheet. But it is advisable that before exposing your skin to any remedy, do visit Skinaa Clinic

  1. Contractures

Contractures scar happen at the place where you are burnt. When you are struck with some burn injuries, the skin gets tighten from the affected area. For some time, it may also affect your flexibility.

In case, the injury is deep and you feel irritated with the movements, best is you consult our doctor as soon as possible.

  1. Stretch Marks

Another most common type of scars that are a little difficult to get rid of is the stretch marks. It may appear in your body if you have gone through a tremendous weight loss or must have gone through a pregnancy.

During both the procedures the body areas that are affected the most include the buttocks, arms, thighs, and breasts. Over the period of time, they may lose their color.

Nobody would like to see their bodies scarred with some or the other reason. So the easy way to deal with it is to find out solutions that can heal you as fast as possible. The first and the most important advice is to visit a skin specialist. You should never take a skin treatment without a doctor’s recommendation.

Second is choose some tropical treatment, that is, use some lotions and creams to smoothen the skin.

Third consume more of food that is rich in vitamin C. In case, the scars are deep, you can ask Skinaa doctor about the Laser treatment and skin grafting techniques.

Stay assured that your scar may take a time to go, but for sure it will have a possible solution for its remedy.