Keloid Treatment

Know more about Kelod disease & Treatment in Jaipur and Cost, Symptoms, Causes, Test and Results

Does your Keloid scar irritate you and cause pain sometimes?

Any annoying skin development which takes quite a long time to heal is a matter of concern. That may happen in any part of the body where you were once injured. But the condition of the occurrence of the Keloid varies from patient to patient. Before we get into the Keloid treatment procedures and therapies at Jaipur clinic, let us understand what Keloid is?

To make you understand the scary named disease, We wish to simplify things for you. You need to know that Keloid is a smooth, not cancerous and hard growth, which appears when the scar tissue grows excessively. When you sustain any injury, the scar tissue grows to heal the scar. When this growth is beyond control, then it is called as Keloid development

Commonly, they tend to develop in body parts like shoulders, chest, cheeks and ear lobes. But these can form on any part of the body.


The Keloid will appear on the previous skin injury site. Their symptoms may include:

• Localized area growth that is either pink or red in color. It may also be in the color of the flesh.

• A lumpy area that is raised.

• An itchy patch on the skin.


Normally, it is observed that the Keloids are larger than the size of the wounds. Although itchy, these Keloids are not at all harmful. It takes a period of four weeks or more to develop a complete Keloid scar.

It is developed due to:

• Burns

• Chickenpox

• Scratches

• Vaccination Sites

• Surgical Incision

• Acne Scars

Treatment with the Laser Procedure

A Keloid, in other words, is an attempt by the skin to repair itself. But sometimes, after the treatment, it may reappear. The Laser can help to treat the Keloid and diminish the appearance gradually. You need to treat the Keloids, as they may be at times physically embarrassing. Without treatment they will not go away.

With the Laser, the exact scar can be targeted and diminish their appearance greatly.

Treatment with the Cosmetic Procedure

The large existing scars can be treated with the cosmetic surgeries. You can also choose to get the plastic surgery only after our doctor’s recommendations.

Results with Both

The Keloid removal with the Laser or the Cosmetic procedure is effective. The Keloid removal method will depend on its size and severity.


It is important for you to know that Keloid removal is safe and is quite a common practice at Jaipur skinaa clinic center It will remove the major part of the evil scar looking and reduce the size to the minimal. With the surgical and the cosmetic procedures, it is rare that these may reappear.

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Common FAQ’s.

Doctor: It is normal to have the Keloid developed after the surgical incision. You may consult our skin specialist and we will suggest you with the best treatment.

Doctor: In normal circumstances, it takes 1-2 days for healing and you can join the work.

Doctor: Keloids are formed after injury, skin friction or injury. Sometimes, it may happen after skin piercing, ingrown hairs and tattoos also.