after hair coloring tips


Planning your next beauty target with hair coloring? If yes, then this article will save your hair to look better and healthy.

Poor diet, stress and lifestyle have caused premature hair graying, hair loss and hair thinning. Other than these, the hereditary factors which cause early graying of hair also contribute to the need of hair coloring. Well, we may term it as a need or a fashion craze; the users may note the following to protect their hair after coloring:

1.     Keep your hair nourished and hydrated

For an always healthy looking hair after you have got them colored, it is important that you keep them nourished and hydrated. Proper oiling and massaging your scalp is needed. It will circulate a proper blood in the scalp preventing it from getting dry. Stay away from too many heating tools but do get regular trims. Cold pressed coconut oil is good nourishment for your hair as it will minimize the damage to your hair shaft.

2.     Shampoo your colored hair less frequently

Colors are already harsh chemical that is coated on the hair strands. Shampoos, on the other hand, are equally chemicals that can damage your hair. Too much of toxic substance can give your brittle hair that can break easily. So, shampoo your colored hair less frequently.

If you are confused which shampoo is suitable for you, then you may take advice from Skinaa Clinic doctors @ 9649219219

3.     Wait for the color to set.

After you have got that shining hair color, mind to wash your hair at least 3 days later. It will give your hair plenty of time to settle.

4.     Use a shower cap

While taking bath you should use a shower cap to prevent undue wetting of hair. It will protect your hair color to fade.

5.     Avoid using hot water for hair wash

Do not use hot water for hair wash. It can deteriorate the quality of the hair and decreases the life of the color to stick to your hair.

6.     Do not miss on Conditioning

After each time head washes, do not forget to condition your hair. Use the products as prescribed by your hair stylist. If not, then you may call our Skinaa Clinic hair specialists in Jaipur @ 9649219219 for any advice.

 Try to stay away from the chemical rich conditioning products. You should apply the conditioner on the tip to bring altogether smoothening.

7.     Avoid Sulfates

Do not use the products that are rich on sulphates as it can strip color from hair. Sulphates also contain salt that can take away the moisture from hair keeping it extremely dry.

8.     Use the No-Ammonia Color

Next times you want to color your hair do not use the colors that are rich in ammonia. These colors are long lasting on your gray hair.

9.     Proper Oiling is a must

Oiling your hair is important and effective when you do it with the hot oil. It gives your hair complete shine. After you have thoroughly massaged your hair with the oil, cover them with the hot towel.

Leave it for about 30 minutes and then wash your hair to get a new voluminous look.

10.  Stick to a healthy diet regime

Do what best you can but it is important that you stick to a healthy diet regime. The basic nutrients that are essential for the hair growth can be fetched from the food you eat.


Be it a crazy styling or some state of health, hair issues have been inflicted upon many. The easy alternative to the graying your hair has been replaced with the coloring. Go stylish and impressive with your hair color but do not lose to miss to take care of them before it is too late.