Hair Transplant and Cost

Hair Transplant Treatment, Procedure, Result and Cost in Jaipur

Firstly we want to give message especially to teenagers, young men and women of earlier 20’s, that please do not fall into any trap or mislead by any marketing people or advertisements companies, spas or saloons and started rushing into getting a hair transplant at this age without any medical diagnosis and experts opinion

We know it is difficult for young man/women to tolerate the hair loss but they have to wait for the doctor to judge or examine the hair loss pattern and best stage, So that unnatural appearance on their head can be avoided and best solution or treatment plan can be plan out.

Skinaa Clinic offer hair transplantation for both men and women in Jaipur with latest technology machines and medical standards. Here the planning & execution of hair transplant is very important and it is done by our skilled & best hair transplant team.

So, don't worry, we assure that you will feel younger, more energetic after hair transplantation at our centers.

In Jaipur Skinaa clinic have one of the best leading Hair transplant surgeons – Center for Hair Restoration in Jaipur who have treated more than 1,00,000 hair and skin cases. Skinaa is recognised for developing Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) and Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE), the procedures that revolutionized the field of surgical hair restoration.

 right candidate for hair transplant patient

Ideal candidate for Transplant

There are a number of physical traits that determine who is an ideal person for a hair transplant at our centers, few are mentioned below:-

Late ages of 20’s or above 30’s, 40’s is easier for our doctors to examine how extensive the hair loss will be and give treatment accordingly. Earlier the age , there are more chances that you may not have enough hair left to finish the job of hair transplantation ,
this is due to continuous extensive baldness.

• Better the stable supply of donor hair, better the coverage area and results you will get.

• Having a genetic hair loss for many years.

Not getting results even on continuous taking prescription medication to stop hair loss.

• Hair loss due to any physical injury or any burn.

• Those having a healthy body and immune system are the god one for hair transplant. But if you are having any serious medical condition then please resolve it before transplantation. Diabetic patients, you have to be more alert. Please get in touch with our clinic and doctors for free consultation

About Hair Transplant

About Hair Transplant

The most effective, long-term solution to male pattern baldness is now possible and is available in Jaipur at Sinaa centers for both men and women.

And most important it’s really safe and successful at our clinics.

Hair transplant is a surgical technique which takes healthy hair follicles from one donor area of the head and implants them on to bald or thinning areas.

Donor area is usually immune to DHT hormone
(dihydrotestosterone ) and is usually exists on the sides and back
of the head as compared to
the front area where it is less immune to DHT and less permanent.

To perform properly, it consumes lots of time and patience that’s why highly skilled and experienced doctor’s team by Skinaa clinic performs this treatment.

Once transplanted, the hair will generally grow for a person’s lifetime.

Treatment Procedure

Hair Transplant Procedure

We have tried to explain this treatment in very simple Steps with diagrams. Hope it may help you to understand.

Step 1. The Doctors will first ask for the health history and then perform physical assessment, then most suitable treatment plan having least repetitions is chosen.

Step 2. Separate clothes are given to wear on. Then several medications and head wash with antiseptic shampoo is given. Then Donor area is usually the safest area is first of all cleaned and
shaved to be harvested.

Step 3. Treatment areas are marked as per agreed plan.

Step 4. Then small .8m to 1 mm sharp cylindrical punch is used to remove and the follicles are extracted with help of forceps.

Step 5. With the help of same tools, Follicular units (called grafts) are then carefully placed into tiny recipient sites made by our doctors in balding/thinning areas of the scalp.

Earlier, transplant was done with strip method and it was really painful. In this method upper layer of the skin is cut out from the back and sides of the scalp with hair then individual hair units are then removed and implanted also called as FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation )method

Note :- We don’t use FUT Method.

Check out the difference between FUT and FUE to understand it more…..

Description FUT Method FUE Method
Scars Stitches with permanent Linear scar and easily noticeable. No Stitches, but forms multiple circular scars as tiny dots which are often unnoticeable.
Bleeding and Pain More pain and Beading ,even sometimes require painkillers. Less Painful and Bleedings
Healing Time Slower Recovery usually 2-3 weeks Faster Healing in 3-7 days
Procedure Time and Cost Less session and time required makes it cheaper in cost. More sessions and time requires makes it costlier.
Graft Survival Better graft survival because of less dehydration due to greater amount of surrounding tissue and fat. FUE grafts are more prone to dehydration due to little tissue surrounding them resulting in Less likely to survive.

Hair Transplant Cost:-

Hair Transplant Cost in Jaipur

There is no regular price as this depends upon most suitable treatment plan decided by our consultants after number of physical assessment and health checkup, this is the first step where we start estimating and drafting calculations.

factors that our Skinaa clinic doctors consider for calculating FUE treatment cost are:-

Patient to patient as all are different so treatment procedure varies and costs too.

Pattern of hair loss - Larger the baldness area that needs to be covered, more costly the transplantation will be. Cost increases with Increase in Level from I to VII

• Donor region and flexibility, number of follicular units, length of donor grafts also decides the cost of treatment.

Facilities, Infrastructure and Doctors experience: - Our centers have all latest FDA approved machines, required accessories, technical and sanitary for ease of doctors and patients. Secondly Skinaa’s doctors are reputed and recognized and we think no one can take risks in these treatments so high standards have to be maintained. Regular discussion and training sessions are provided to our doctors and team regarding recent developments in hair restoration surgery.

Sessions:- Cost is directly proportional to per graft and per sessions. It usually increases with more sessions.

After Care:- Please read Results and after care section in next tab.

To find the exact value, you must consult with our doctors, Just call at +91-9649219219 .

You can also fix up an appointment at Jaipur office branch

You can also ask question online by clicking here and you will get reply within 24 working hours via mail.