Fine Lines & Wrinkles Treatment


Are the fine lines and wrinkles already bothering you?

Few things are inevitable and one of it is aging. It gets worse when aging gets accompanied with the wrinkles on your face, near the eyes, on the neck and other parts of the body. The bad part is that we know there is a problem but the good part is that we now have effective treatment therapies.

The fine lines and wrinkles may have occurred due to aging, overexposure to theSun uscle movement, injury, smoking, and other skin conditins

Let loose your worries and say bye-bye to those stubborn fine lines. We will start with understanding what the disease is all about?

About Disease

The fine lines or wrinkles appear when dermis develops irregular thickness and the amount of water held by the epidermis decreases. The range of occurrence of the wrinkles varies from mild to moderate and then from advanced to severe.

Wrinkles are prominent when the patient smiles or frowns. And this may happen due to the repeated muscle movement. The eyes are the most sensitive area where we first see the development of fine lines. The Skin around the eyes is quite thin and hence prone to the expansion of the wrinkles.

Deep frown lines or worry lines are obviously due to too much of worrying.


Symptoms of the fine lines that may spoil your looks.

Augmentation of the lines and creases in the skin is called as fine lines. Sometimes, wrinkles may also occur as crevices and furrows.


The fine lines and wrinkles are contributed by several factors that may include:

Exposure to UV rays/light: If you or your skin is exposed for long to the Sun or the UV rays, then it will become the primary cause of the wrinkles.

Age: When we age, our skin tends to lose the elasticity and it becomes more fragile. At higher age, the skin produces less of the oils and with that,the skin looks fragile.

Smoking: If you are an active or a passive smoker and feel that your skin is losing spark, the reason is your habit. Reduce the number of smoke,you have in a day.

Repeated Facial Expressions: If you smile, laugh or squint too much, there are chances you develop wrinkles early.


Doctors can easily detect the wrinkles as they appear either in the form of deep furrows or fine surface lines. For those who smoke, there are other ways also to find out. The color of the nails and the lips also confirms the habit of smoking.

Treatment with Laser Procedure

The treatment of fine lines and wrinkles with the laser is called Laser Resurfacing. Why Resurfacing? It is because it reduces the irregularities of your skin. The concentrated pulsating beam helps to remove the skin layer by layer.

Candidates who are less sensitive towards the laser beam and have fine lines or wrinkles developed around the eyes, mouth or forehead, then the method is good for you.

Treatment with Cosmetic Procedures

As the demand and concern is rising for the looks and appearance, the people approaching to treat the fine lines and wrinkles are also increasing

To get the wrinkles or fine lines fixed with the injections of Botox, Dysport, and Xeomin. But We would advise you to take a specialist advice before you think of getting it done. These treatments will take three to seven days before they show the results.

Another cosmetic therapy is to use the chemical peel that will help to remove the old dead cells from the outer layer of the skin. The process can be done by patients themselves and it will take just fifteen minutes. In just a few days, you will observe that your shining, radiant skin is back.

Results with both

Treating the fine lines and wrinkles is a task for many and especially for those who really worry about their looks. Both the treatment therapies work for the crevices and de-textured skin. The idea is over the time, the patients can gain their shining skin back with rebooted confidence.


Fine line and wrinkles are the skin disease that may happen due to the harmful UV rays from the Sun, age, repeated expressions, and smoking. The treatment is available and that is quite affordable.

Before finally settling for the treatment, it is advisable that the candidate should refer to a doctor. For any other apprehension, if you have, it is best suggested that you should speak to a skin specialist or dermatologist.

It is a curable disease for sure and hence the first thing you can do is leave your worries aside.

Frequently Asked Questions

Doctor: Yes, it is a skin disease that denotes the state of your skin. We do have a few treatments available for it like the laser or cosmetic procedures.

Doctor: : Make sure that you keep your skin moisturized using a good quality moisturizer. Also, do not stay in the Sun for a longer time.

Doctor: Yes, it is effective as the high energy beam can rejuvenate the skin and remove the dead skin layer by layer.