What Is The Difference Between Hydrating And Moisturizing ? Confused!

Difference Between Hydrating And Moisturizing

What Is The Difference Between Hydrating And Moisturizing ? Confused!

Hydrating and moisturizing the skin are the two processes that are commonly mistaken for each other.  An impressive skin texture is the one that reflects a natural glow on the skin. Skin care is a task that needs effort. Using the natural products over the cosmetics rich in the chemical is far better.

Water is an essential element that makes for our life. Hydrating the skin refers to the restoring the water content in the skin. On the other hand, the skin moisturizers are used to reduce the Tran epidermal Water Loss (TWL). It refers to forming a layer over the skin that can prevent water loss.

The two terms are confused and written synonymously on different products in order to sell more than usual (as a part of their marketing). Let us have a deeper understanding of what is the difference between the two?

There are many types of skin moisturizers available that are used to retain the moisture that is present in the body. After applying the moisturizer, you will realize that your skin has a protective layer that will keep the moistness intact. Arid skin can look dull leading you to look older than your age.

Skin hydration is the need of the dehydrated skin whereas the Skin moisturizer will serve the dry skin better. Feel the change when you keep your skin hydrated. Consume lots of water and use skin hydrators to maintain the softness and elasticity on the skin. After you have applied the skin hydrators, use the moisturizers that will keep your skin smooth and shiny.

Things can be learned better with experience. If you miss any of the steps, either moisturizing or hydrating, the skin will still tend to look dull. It will lose its tender appeal and can turn flaky or rough.

How do the two products work on our Skin is important to understand?

1.    Skin Hydrators:

The skin hydrators are rich in content with the Hyaluronic acid. As we age, just like the production of collagen, the acid production rate also reduces. Once the depletion starts, the skin cells move much slower to the surface resulting in the dullness. Hence, the diligent use of the skin hydrators can help us meet the required hydration in the skin. It may differ according to the types of the skin also.

2.    Skin Moisturizers:

In common, when we supplement our skin with the improper oil enriched moisturizer or may be the oil free moisturizer, it happens to look dull and drab. Be it any type of the skin, the crux is your skin needs a required amount of oil that can nurture it deeply.

The market is flooded with a variety of skin hydrating and skin moisturizing products. You have to keep yourself away from the products that do not serve your purpose. Oil free moisturizer does no good to your skin if in the end, your skin is losing the smoothness and elasticity.

Be sure of what do you want to buy and what product will suit your requirement.

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Dr. Atul Jain (MD, MBBS –Dermatologist)