Derma roller Treatment

Derma Roller Treatment in Jaipur for fine lines, wrinkles, acne scar, pimples stretch marks and scarring (face or body) , get detail knoldge about ‘how it works’, cost, benefits, sideeffcets and results etc

Almost everyone of us wants to have a smooth skin that looks young and bright. But if the fine lines, wrinkles and other skin disorders have struck you, We are sure you would understand the pain of not having a smooth skin. To give people a breather and assurance that they can get back their skin, we have many types of derma roller treatment at Jaipur clinic.

If you have never heard of it, let us talk more about it, We will explain you the Derma roller treatment.

What is Derma Roller Treatment?

The Derma roller treatment is to fix the face and body problems for the fine lines, wrinkles, scarring, acne scarring, stretch marks and scarring (face or body). Everybody will not like the idea of getting needles in your face, but after you share with them your experience we are sure they will also like it.

How does Derma Roller help?

Scared of the concept of roller on your body? Leave all your worries aside and know that Derma Roller is going to fix your small skin problems. It contains hundreds of tiny needles which will can be rolled over the affected area. While rolling these needles will create micro-injuries over the skin. The pressure of the needle promotes the growth of collagen and elastins which helps in healing the skin and restoring it back to better form than before.

There are many types of Derma Rollers available atleast 0.5 mm needle length (for face) or even 1.0 mm or 1.5 mm. You should choose the one that is very small or thin in size. The thicker needle will have more chances to damage the skin.


Our doctor can ask for different questions like medical history, age, and your lifestyle to understand whether you need treatment with the Derma Roller or not. Otherwise, fine lines, wrinkles and other similar skin disorders can be confirmed by mere seeing only.

Treatment with the Derma Roller

Consult our Skinaa’s doctor before you start using the Derma Roller treatment at home. Not all the skin problems can be cured with this. Without proper instructions, you may spoil your skin more leading to further damage.

To start with the skin or the affected area is first cleaned with the cleanser and exfoliated to remove the dead skin. Exfoliation can be done through the chemical peel after which layers of serum can also be applied. Post this a Derma roller is rolled over the skin in all the directions.

The pressure can be adjusted as per your comfort. It is important to understand that more pressure will not drive faster benefits.

Derma Roller can be used depending on the type of skin issues that exist.


Treating the skin problems with a Derma Roller at Jaipur Skinaa Clinic is an effective method. But not all the skin problems can be cured with it. It is advisable to use the Derma Roller only after our doctor consultation. After the treatment, you will see smooth and soft skin back.


Those who suffer with the skin problems due to aging, sun exposure and other factors tend to develop fine lines, wrinkles, pigmentation and dark spots, etc. Derma Roller is a treatment method that can help to alleviate the issues. The patients need to follow certain rules to rectify the disorders. The frequency of using the Derma Roller will depend on the type of the skin problem. Overall, it is an effective treatment method.

Common FAQ’s.

Doctor: It does not seem to be a good idea at all. The active acne will spread using the Derma Roller. You should consult our doctor for more details.

Doctor: Yes, you should use creams after rolling. Try to choose the one that suits your skin type and helps in rejuvenation.

Doctor: A Derma Roller gives results according to the different types of skin and skin problems. But commonly it will take about 2-3 months for effective results.

Doctor: Yes, a thicker needle will affect the treatment. The thicker needle will cause scarring and unnecessary pain. It may be accompanied with bleeding also.