Dark Skin Tanning Treatment


Does your complexion bother you? Have your skin gone dark after long exposure to the Sun? If yes, then don’t worry at all. You simply need to consult our skin specialist who can advise you the best cosmetic procedure for your skin tan removal in Jaipur.But before you settle with any kind of treatment, you should understand what exactly the skin tanning is?

But before you settle with any kind of treatment, you should understand what exactly the skin tanning is?

What is Skin Tanning (Dark Skin)?

Darkening of the skin due to prolonged exposure to the Sun is called as Skin Tanning or Dark Skin. It is often a result of exposure to the ultraviolet rays from the Sunlight or other natural sources.

Overexposure to the Sun also increases the chances of skin cancer, depressed immune system, accelerated aging of the skin and Sunburn. A moderate exposure to the Sun produces melanin and vitamin D in the body that protects your skin from the UV rays.


A Skin Tan can be identified with the dull skin that looks flushed. It may be tender or painful, both.


As the name pronounce itself, the skin tanning is the dark coloration of the skin from your existing tone of the skin. It may be caused due to the over exposure of the Sun. The Ultraviolet rays falling on our skin can damage the skin cells making it dull and drab.

Too much exposure to the Sun makes our skin cells to produce more of melanin that further protects our skin from damage. The melanin then causes the darkening of the skin in next 48 hours.


There are several cosmetic procedures to treat the skin tan in Jaipur, dark skin coloration. The market is flooded with several sunscreen lotions with SPF that prevents the skin tanning but don’t use it without our skinaa’s consultant, Because it can harm your skin.

The high intensity, energy beam, the Laser also treats the dark skin to remove the tanning. It repairs the skin damages and pigments to dilute the darkening of the skin.

Not all the skin types are comfortable with the Laser treatment. It may be painful and itchy to get skin repair through the Laser, but it is effective. There are several cosmetic procedures also that gives awsome results.

Our dermatologist may recommend the topical Hydroquinone or retinol as the treatment of choice. If this fails, then superficial chemical peels containing salicylic acid and glycolic acid may be used with the topical therapy.

We recommend the Q-switched Laser strongly. It targets the selected tanned portions only. There are several other ways you may choose to remove the skin tanning.But if you still think of the Laser, consult our doctor as the treatment will depend on the skin type.


Treatment with the Laser will be effective, but it may also lead to several other side effects. If you have recently got skin tanning, wait for just 4-6 weeks before taking any kind of treatment. During this time, you can consult our doctor to take up the laser treatment. Be sure of what treatment, instrument,and cost you will choose for the damage repair.

Results with cosmetic procedure is also effective at skinaa’s clinic.


Dark Skin or the Skin Tanning is a result of the over exposure to the Sun. It causes the increased production of melanin in the skin, which then changes the color of the skin to a darker tone.

There are many ways to treat it apart from the cosmetic laser surgery. It is advisable to consult our doctor for whichever treatment therapy you wish to refer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Doctor: The Laser treatment may not suit all the skin types. Some of the skins are over sensitive and can develop the redness or swelling with the Laser. It is advisable to use the some lotions or creams with SPF..

Doctor: Yes, the skin tanning can be removed over the period of time.

Doctor: You are advised to avoid being in Sun for longer hours. Too much of Sun rays can increase the chances of several other health hazards one of which is skin cancer and depressed immune system. Skin tanning can be removed with home remedies like usage of coconut water on hands and face, a paste of turmeric powder and lemon juice and several other similar remedial solutions.

Doctor: Darkening of the skin may be associated with several other illnesses or diseases. You are advised to immediately consult our doctor. You state of illness can be due to hormonal imbalance or few medications.