Childhood Skin Disease Treatment


If you are a parent, you very well know how does it feel when illness strikes you babies or grown up children. We all fall ill during some part of our life and tend to develop one or the other type of skin disorders.

Some of the most common types of the skin disorders that happened to us during the childhood are Acne, Cold Sore, Eczema, Hives, Vitiligo, Acrodermatitis and others.

The skin disorders may damage your child’s appearance.

Knowing more about the skin disorders, we should also know how does this disease happen?

The skin disorders may arise due to some allergies, irritants, clog or inflammation. What is important that you should take care of a child’s skin, their diet and hygiene factors.

Symptoms and Childhood skin diseases types

A skin disorder is easy to identify as there appear the common symptoms such as redness, swelling, burning, and itching. If you talk about Eczema your child may have dry and itchy skin, rashes. Sometimes, there are itchy bumps on your skin, which may be called as Hives.

We will discuss some of the skin disorders like:

Eczema: It is a state of disease with itchy, dry, rough, flaky, inflamed, and irritated skin. Sometimes, the child may also have small, raised bumps that may ooze fluid if scratched.

Acne: The skin disease may arise as small red, red pimples, raised bumps that can be painful as well.

Cold Sore: These are the red fluid blisters with the tingling feeling on the lips.

Vitiligo: Loss of pigments in the skin with premature graying of a scalp and facial hair.

Ringworm: Just a fungus infection with reddish bumpy patches, easily spread by sharing same towels, clothes or by contacting physically. So be aware.

Fifth Disease: Parvovirus B19 is a virus that causes this disease in children. Symptoms are red rashes on the cheeks and the body follow. Can be easily treated at Skinaa Clinic without any antibiotics.

Chickenpox: A very common disease that everyone suffers in his/her childhood, generally caused by the varicella virus.

Symptoms start with fever then cold then small blisters, spots scabs with rashes start seeming in the whole body that remains for 7-10 days. Chickenpox can easily spread by sharing same towels, clothes or by contacting physically. So be aware.

Impetigo: This disease can appear anywhere on the body but mostly found near mouth and nose in children. Symptoms are reddish crust then turns into yellowish which are usually oozy and blistery in looking.

Heat Rashes: This is again a common skin disease found in small children which are usually small red pimples shaped dots due to blockage of sweat glands found mostly on head and neck

Contact Dermatitis: Don’t be confused with impetigo because appearance can be same as it looks like small bumpy red pimples on children skin.

Roseola (Sixth Disease): This is again a very common disease found in small babies and looks like a light coloured patches superimposed on a dark background with non-itchy rashes and mild fever.

Hives: This is an allergic disease that causes due to some allergic reaction to some food or medicine and it is sometimes painful. Get it resolved before it becomes serious disease with some viruses.

Coxsackievirus Infections: This disease is also called as Hand-Foot-Mouth Disease is again an infection that causes as non-itchy rashes on hand and foot and painful sores on the mouth. This disease is an infection , Be aware .


The cause of the skin disorders can be many, out of which we can note some of the major causes here as:

• Bacterial Infection

• Viruses

• Heat

• Allergies from food, lotion, chemicals, or plants

• Fever


Your child may have the different type of the skin disorders that may either be temporary or permanent. Most of the condition of the skin illness can be identified by seeing as they appear on the surface or just below the skin.

Skinaa doctors advise you for the blood test to establish the exact reason of the skin disorder. Some of the tests may include Biopsy, Scraping, Diascopy and others.

A Biopsy is done through punching a tube deep into the tissue to obtain the specimen. Scrapings is a scientific procedure which detects the fungal infections like Scabies. Similarly, a Diascopy helps to identify the sarcoid skin lesions.


Skin disorders can not only bring pain to you, but also damage your appearance. You cannot leave your child to suffer.

For Vitiligo:

• Those suffering from Vitiligo can choose to take up the treatment like Phototherapy with UVB and UVA lights. The white spots on the child’s skin will be treated with the light. If the spots are wide and spread across the body, it will have to be treated in the skinaa clinic

Skin Camouflage that is covering the skin with the cosmetic creams. This is possible in the small patches only.

Skin Grafts, which is a surgical procedure which uses the healthy patches of the skin and use it to cover the affected areas.

For Eczema:

Ultraviolet Light Therapy works for the eczema also.

• Over the counter creams or ointments can help with the disease.

Corticosteroids, that are prescribed by skinaa’s doctor. Always consult our doctor when taking steroids by mouth.

For Cold Sore:

• Treat the cold sore with the antiviral creams and tablets. Consult our dermatologist before you suggest your child to pop in any medicine for it.

• Cold Sore patches are also available that contains a special gel called Hydrocolloid. They are effective for the cold sore.

For Acne

Photodynamic Therapy helps in treating the acne effectively. A prescription liquid is applied to the patient’s face, chest or back. Post this a laser or light is applied to activate the medicine. The medicine helps to kill the bacteria, reduces the size and activity of the oil glands.

Isolaz, another effective technique that uses a vacuum with a broadband light. The vacuum cleanses pores and extracts oil. The light kills the bacteria.

Our Dermatologist also advice to follow some tips and steps to avoid the occurrence of skin disorders in childhood.

• Keep the skin clean with mild soap. Try to remove excess oil and dirt from the skin.

Shampoo your hair also regularly, avoiding dandruff and dirty scalp.

• Clean the hats and hair bands, if they wear it.

• Consult our doctor/dermatologist and get them some medicines.


Maintaining hygiene factors, taking proper care of your skin and keeping away from the food,medicine, or drinks that are allergic can take yield best results.

Our dermatologist may advise you some lotions and creams that can reduce the redness, itching and stretching of the skin. However, light therapy is another productive and persuasive method of treatment. Almost all the types of skin disorders can be treated with it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Doctor: : According to the description, it seems that your child is vitiligo. It is the result of the loss of skin color in only few areas and loss of pigment of the skin.

Doctor: :Acne may happen due to the bacteria present on the skin. Another reason that may cause Acne is high GI-diet and dairy intake linked to acne.

Doctor: I would advise you to see a doctor. One of the treatment includes Laser and some other medications