Chemical Peeling Treatment

CHEMICAL PEEL & TREATMENT in Jaipur for fine lines, wrinkles, pigmentation, age spots & other skin peel problems with various chemicals like glycolic acid, alpha hydroxy acid, tca peel, benzoyl peroxide, lactic acid etc –Check out cost, Benefits, Side effects, Doctors in Jaipur etc

Are you facing skin damage like flaking and peeling due to the Sun burn? If yes, then you should understand that your skin is sensitive and you need to take care of it. Skin problems are quite common in people. Some may develop infections, eczema while others may have a different form of redness or flaky skin. Your healthy skin will reflect your living style and other hygiene practices.

Let us know what is the Skin Peeling & Chemical peeling?

Any inflammation of the skin caused by the exposure of the skin to the Sun or other infections can cause peeling of Skin. It may also appear after:

• Eczema

• Dermatitis

• Acne

• Burns

• And others skin disorders

Any problem that can result in forming of the blister can lead to skin peeling. In order to treat the skin peeling, we have chemical peel treatments in Jaipur at Skinaa clinic, which will be discussed later.


The patient suffering with skin peeling will tend to develop fine lines, wrinkles, acne, mild scarring, flaking and other skin disorders. These affected areas may contain pre-cancerous keratose that may appear as scaly spots.


Skin peeling is quite a common form of the disease. Although it is not that harmful, but the appearance of the skin may get affected. In order to avoid the disease, you should know how does this happen? Here are the causes of the skin peeling:

• Sunburn

• Dermatitis, Eczema, and Infections

• Burns

• Medications for cancer

• Allergies

• Immune System Disorders

• Genetic diseases

Peeling of skin damages the skin texture and hence your appearance. Consult our doctor immediately, if you have developed the peels in different parts of the body like hands, foot, or others.

Chemical Peeling Treatment

Before we throw some light on the chemical peel treatments, you should understand what chemical peels are?

It is a process in which skin is treated using the chemicals that allows the new skin to replace the peeled skin. After the treatment with the use of the chemicals, the newly generated skin is smoother and less wrinkled. Although, the patients need to avoid staying out in the Sun for a long time.

Chemical Peeling Treatment in Jaipur will help to cure and reduce the fine lines, wrinkles, reduce age spots and improve other type of skin peeling problems.

A chemical peel treatment can be taken only after the consultation with our dermatologist or our cosmetic surgeon. To start with the chemical peel, our doctor will cleanse the skin with an agent to remove the extra dirt and oils from the affected area. One or more chemical solutions are applied to help regeneration of the skin.

Follow the doctor’s advice completely and use the medicines as advised like antibiotics or topical pre-conditioning medications.


Chemical Peeling Treatment is effective to treat the infected skin. Take the treatment after understanding the benefits of it.


Chemical Peel treatment is an effective method to take up as per the skinaa’s doctor advice. Remember to follow the doctor’s prescription of taking oral medicines, and creams as advised.

Common FAQ’s.

Doctor: Chemical peels resurface the skin and remove the superficial layer of the skin. In other words, it will treat your skin problems like skin pigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles.

Doctor: See, in your case, you should seek advice from our doctor. Your medicines may have caused this state of skin. Chemical peels can be helpful but you should adopt that after seeking our doctor’s advice. It may produce some counter indications.

Doctor: No, not necessarily. You should not judge results with the amount of peeling done properly. The amount of peeling depends on the type of the skin. It will gradually improve the skin tone and texture.

Doctor: You should avoid waxing, electrolysis, and laser hair removal. Avoid any medications before taking the chemical peels.