Age Spot Treatment For Men & Women


Almost each one of us fear aging as we get old losing on few thinks like our skin quality, texture and the shine. If you are one amongst those who has recently faced the deterioration of the skin due to various spots, then we are here to help you..

Aging is inevitable and we all have to pass through it. Gradual development of spots over the face can cause loss of shine and sparkle of the skin. Many of you would already be looking for the tricks to get rid of the age spots.

But before it, we really need to understand what is Age Spot?

When your skin gets exposed to the Sun longer than usual, you tend to develop different colored like brown, gray, and black spots on your face skin. Another name commonly given to these Age Spots is Sun Spots.

Your body parts that may receive the maximum sunlight exposure, gets

Common Symptoms

The Age Spots can be identified as light brown to black colored small patches. Largely the texture is same as that of your skin. The age spots are painless and will commonly occur in the areas that are exposed to the Sun.


We have already discussed that over exposure of your bare skin to the Sun can cause Age Spots. At times, the excessive production of Melanin is also the reason for wicked spots.


Generally, we identify the age spots just by looking at the skin. But if the spots are darker than the usual, we advise the candidate to take up the biopsy test to cancel the chances of cancer.

Treatment with Laser Procedure

If the age spots are bothering you too much, you can consult our doctors to get it treated at Jaipur branch office. Dark colored, age spots can add full bloom to the skin. The Laser can be the most efficient treatment for the age spots.

Under the Laser procedure, we use the high energy light that is dropped in the affected area. The heat of the laser is absorbed by the pigments which then get dropped. The high energy beam of Laser can boost the development of the Collagen under the Skin. It then aids,to develop the healthier skin.

Patients are advised to consult our doctors before taking up the treatment as it may sometimes cause pain, swelling, bleeding, scarring, crusting, discoloration and infection.

Treatment with the Cosmetic Procedure

Under the Cosmetic Procedures to treat the age spots, it is recommended to use the chemical peels from skinaa's dermatologists. The process might not take longer than 20 minutes, but the repair of the skin takes place in a period of 10 days. After the treatment, some may feel a little flaking, redness or dryness.

Results of Both

Laser treatment will not stop recurrence of the age spots and it is effective on certain type of spots. The cosmetic procedure of treatment with the chemical peels can help you with the light peels and medium peels.


Age spots are not an avoidable disease. The first thing each patient should do is to consult our doctor at 9649219219 who would further advise for either a Laser or the Cosmetic Surgery.

Frequently Asked Questions

Doctor: Yes for some, the laser is also painful. In your case, please consult our doctors or our skin specialist at 9649219219 who can advise you better.

Doctor: Doctor: You should save yourself from the Sun and consult a doctor immediately.

Doctor: Doctor: The cosmetic procedure chemical peel is good with light and medium peels.