Summer Skin Survival for women.


Are you not a summer person or have the summers already taken over you?

 Ladies !!!!!  Relax, there is nothing to worry. 

Women tend to have a soft skin type that is susceptible to much damage when it comes to summer heat.  Here is the guide for your summer skin survival.

1.Hydrate Your Body

Before we start with the problems and their solutions, you should always remember that drinking plenty of water is the best remedy for a saviour in the summer season. Strong Sun rays can cause Acne breakouts, Dry and Irritated skin, Folliculitis, Infection from a manicure or pedicure, Melasma and Prominent patches on your face.

2. Hydrate yourself with Antioxidant Rich Foods and Supplements,


Eat rich colour fruits & foods or supplement as advised by Skinaa Doctors that hydrate yourself that helps you to fight with summers.

3. Visit Skinaa Dermatologists If Home Remedies Doest Work.

If the problem you suffer with is severe and cannot be attended with the home remedies, it is advisable that you immediately visit the dermatologist. The skin specialist is an expert who can guide you with the proper treatment and offer you solutions considering the intensity of the problems.

4.  Lips Don’t Dry

Do not avoid your lips, they may get dry very soon when the Sun is so strong in the summer season. Ask for your dermatologist about the facial mist that you can use to keep the skin hydrated. Even though he forgets to make a mention, you make sure that you ask for one.

5. Don’t Stay Too Much in SUN

Prolonged stay in the Sun harms the skin along your hairline that gets bombarded with the UVA and UVB rays.

6. Take Medication As Prescribed By Skinaa Doctors.

No medication should be taken without the doctor's prescription. A dermatologist understands the problems of the skin from the base and suggests the care accordingly. Some of the skin problems like hives or any other form of skin allergy can be treated with the medications. This may run in the family and the hives can be red, scaly, itchy, and bumps all over the skin. Consult our dermatologist for the immediate relief, he can advise you with the medicines that can provide immediate relief.

7. Use Exfoliating Scrub & Mineral Packs

Some mineral packs that provide nourishment to the skin is the best remedy for care. Use exfoliating scrub depending on the type of the skin you have. But remember, ask our dermatologist if the ailment is big and cannot be controlled with the home remedies.

Your skin is precious to you and hence take care of it when being the female, you take care of the entire family. At times, women tend to ignore the skin ailments especially when they attract a cost.

Women tend to neglect the small issues like acne, pimples, allergies and others. Our idea is to tell them and educate them about the remedies. We wish to inform the females that it is important you visit a dermatologist rather treating each skin issue at home.