Summer Skin Survival for kids.


Kids are the majority population that stays out in the Sun during the odd hours of the day.

Mums No Need to Worry!!

While they want to play, the excessive heat during the Summer season tries to tamper the fun. To protect our kids from heat and keep up their fun element, it is essential that we follow a strict guide for the summer skin survival for kids.

  1. Cover as much as you can with 100% Cotton clothes

Clothing first and it should be 100% cotton. It’s the first step to fight summers.

  1. Proper Showers and Baths
  2. Eat Lots Of Summer Fruits And Take Proper Food
  3. Rash, Welt, Bump, Eczema & Several Allergies

The most common skin problems that are found in the kids include rash, welt or bump. Playing out too much in the Sun when they sweat can also give them allergies, eczema and other similar kinds of disease. They may not sound big, but we cannot actually leave our kids to that irritation on the skin.

As soon as you establish that your child is suffering from any skin ailment that has happened possibly due to summer heat, visit a Skinaa Clinic’s dermatologists. The sweat and the heat wave can irritate your child and hinder his daily activities.

  1. Hydrate Your Child Is First Step And Not Medicines

In case, you do not take care of your child’s hygiene, there is a chance that your child may develop infectious and scaly ringworm. It is itchy and blistery that can increase if not taken care at the proper time.

Sweating and the heat waves can also cause red rashes all over the body.The first thing you can do for your child care gives her/him plenty of water to drink. Avoid giving medicines to your child without consulting the dermatologist.

  1. Proper Hygiene Should Maintain

Summers causes sweating in everyone and your child too. Kids who play outside are prone to come in contact with the dust and dirt. The poor hygiene conditions can attract bacteria and viruses that can lead to severe skin diseases like warts. Another very common skin ailment is the heat rash, commonly called as Prickly Heat. The small red or pink pimples appear on the hands or the necks. It happens when we dress our child in too warm clothes and not let the air pass through.

  1. Proper Lotions Or Powder Should Be Used While Going Out.

The dry irritated skin in the summers can be dealt with keeping your skin hydrated. Consult the dermatologist if you need some lotions or powder to fight the dryness.

Your child is special to you and their problems become the biggest worry in our life. But as they say, every problem has a solution, it is true. The advanced studies for the skin diseases have created a big room of hope for immediate treatment and relief for all, especially your kids.

Let not the weather stop your child from being out for fun and growth.