Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal treatment and cost in Jaipur

Yes, it’s a fast, permanent, safest and long lasting method to get rid of unwanted irritating body hair to look better today than yesterday.

Ancient Painful and temporary methods which are shaving, waxing, plucking or threading etc those results in bumps, stubble and irritation.

So lo and behold-Here is the latest Safe technology used by our Hospital which is noninvasive and can be used on all skin tones including tanned and on almost all body parts i.e. Neck, face, legs, arms, underarm, back, bikini line and other areas.

It’s Laser hair removal: A permanent solution for unwanted hair

It works by emitting a beam of light, which is aimed at hair. Pigment absorbs the light which destroys the diseased cells to retard future growth.

What lasers do we have??

We use Nd:YAG laser to provide safe and effective treatment for our patients in Jaipur . Often diode laser is also effective which is considered the gold standard for hair removal by many doctors. On the hand IPL works like a flash-lamp is not Laser and is also effective than laser hair removal.

Now you are wondering which laser hair removal machine and technology are safest and best to treat.

For this below process is followed to determine the right way of treatment.

  • Determine the skin type, hair colour or melanin level.
  • Check the sensitivity of skin by a small Patch test.
  • Selecting the right laser technology.
  • Treatment and After Care Instruction.
  • Repeated Sessions as per prescription.
  • Enjoy awesome results- the freedom of silky smooth skin, year-round.

Here you will get an answer -If skin is light, hairs are dark (black or Brown)and coarse then Nd:Yag Laser is best to choose. Also, its main advantage is that it usually works on all types of skin, in particular, even on tanned skin and on darker skin, but for darker skin, extra care has to be taken. This is something other lasers cannot do. The only drawback is less effective on fine, light or white hair and its little bit painful.

Is it really painful, how much!! You will get an answer below at Q & A No 3 .

On the other hand, Diode lasers are commonly used to safely remove hair from dark or black skin and have built in cooling systems in the headpiece to reduce the buildup of heat on the skin. So it’s again safe and has no side-effects, but there is a little bit bearable pain.

But the question is again which one is the best??

Depending on sensitivity patch test on different skin tones range from light to dark and it's possible that Nd:YAG laser will work fine on one person’s skin tone and Diode Laser(LightSheer Duet) will not or Vice versa for another person. So according both machines are better as compared to each other but surely better than others.

Is laser hair removal expensive or Cheap as compared to other methods? What it Costs in Jaipur?

Ok, Hmmm…Let's do some calculations over 10 year time

Shaving = Last for 2 to 4 Days depending upon the skin and its lifetime process.

Avg =30 days * 12 Months * 10 Years / 3 days time interval= 1200 times

Tweezing= Re growth within 2 weeks

Avg= 30 days * 12 Months * 10 Years/ 15 days time interval= 240 times

Waxing = 3 to 5 weeks but soon noticeable after one and half Week and very Painful.

Avg = 30 days* 12 Months * 10 Years/ 30 days time interval = 120 times

Electrolysis = As stated in Question no 5, It have more time consuming per sessions and more sessions as compared to Laser hair removal.

Laser hair removal= Recommended 8 to 10 session then once or twice in every 6 to 12 months interval for maintenance

Avg = 30 Days* 12 months* 10 Years/ 180 days interval= 20 times Average

Keeping Laser hair removal factors as below

ROI = Time Saving + Minimal Maintenance + Long term results + Safety + Awesome results = Money Saving + Confidence.

Common Q & A asked in Skinaa clinic

Before laser treatment queries

Doctor: If you are treatment is done under my supervision by our Licensed doctors then You should notice 10-25% reduction in each visit depending on person to person and significant hair reduction up to 85 to 90 % after four treatments.

But for 100% hair reduction, 7-10 sessions spread out between 4-6 week intervals is necessary required and its varies from person to person and it is determined during initial tests.

Doctor: You cannot RUN FAR & FAST because everyone has limited capacity to absorb heat and light of laser in each session so cannot go for Full Laser treatment at a time.

So, 5 minutes to 40 minutes is safe to cover a small area such as the armpits and a larger area such as the legs per session.

After each session of treatment as explained in Q&A no 1, you should notice only 10 to 25 % hair reduction and during 4 to 6 week intervals, some of your dormant hair repeatedly grows and to target that, multiple session required for 100% hair reduction results.

Doctor: We never overpromised as being "permanent hair removal” Instead we assure for Q&A no 1, you should notice only100% hair reduction , It last up to years in many cases depending on the development of new follicles due to hormonal changes and shifts in weight , So periodic maintenance treatments will be recommended once every 6 to 12 month.

Doctor: Don’t worry this is safest and have no side effects and does not cause any wrinkles or ageing ,But if you have some allergic problems or already treated with Laser from other then immediately intimate this to us before the start for safe results.>

Now if you are bothering about risks include blistering, scarring, and burns that can discolor your skin , then it's normal to be some redness and swelling, so no need to be panic If it’s done by our experienced and specialized dermatologist ,then our skinaa clinic assures 100% very safe, effective and an excellent long-term permanent reduction of the vast majority of your unwanted hair in a given area without any side effects,

Listen, If treatment is around your eyes for eg Eyebrow, bearded near eyes etc then you have to wear an ear eye protection, which our physician will provide. So again Relax…

Beware if someone says "there are many chances of getting burned or blistered, then this is because their technician are neither licensed nor experienced or its Saloon or spa and they are using the wrong type of laser for their skin type.

In fact, I must say there are other many Pros if I go more deeply and technically in this question.

So here I go

  • There is collagen in the skin when contracted, tightens the skin and it’s because of heating the dermis and epidermis by Laser. So this is plus point for you..
  • Laser not only heal your old scars and ingrown hairs but also hydrates the skin gives glowing skin
  • And obviously, the bacteria and congestion clear away.

During laser treatment queries

After laser treatment queries