Reason for dry skin, solution for dry skin


Which skin type you have?

Oily, dry, sensitive, normal, or combination.

So you must have your own issues and problems as per your skin type.

Today we are discussing on people having DRY SKIN, So let us look at the causes behind the dry skin.

The dryness of the skin may appear as cracks, rough patches, itching, and sensitivity. For those who have a dry skin need to follow a perfect care regime to make their skin glow and shine. Dry skin is contributed due to some of the following causes:

1. Weather

Acute weather conditions like chilly winters can cause the skin dryness. During winters the temperature and the humidity levels drop. Hence, you drink less water and sweat less which causes dryness on the skin. But most of the times, people can suffer from the skin dryness all year round. It is because your skin tends to remain like that.  Read Conclusion part, at last, to know what to do in winters & summers

2. Too much in heat

Staying too much close to heat like burning stoves, space heaters, fireplaces and out in the Sun can be another reason to have a dry face. Heat reduces the level of humidity and water content from your skin leaving it for extreme dryness.

3. Hot showers and baths

Taking the shower with too much of hot water can dry your skin. You should moisturize your skin immediately after the shower to avoid whiteness on your body.  Keep your skin hydrated and let it breathe.

4. Body Wash and Soaps

Often the soaps and body wash used for shower have high ingredients of a chemical. These chemicals can be harmful to your skin leaving it to get dry. Using harsh soaps and body cleansers can remove the excess oil from your skin surface.

5. Illness

Sometimes, the medical conditions like eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis can also cause dryness in the skin.

6. Age factors

Apart from the above-mentioned reasons of the dry skin, there are chances that this condition of the skin has developed with the age. It is observed that your skin may change its properties when you grow old.

7. Dry Areas

If you live in dry, cold or low humidity climates then the chance is that your skin will dehydrate soon.

8. Swimming

Those who swim a lot in the swimming pools also tend to have the dry skin. This is because of the high chlorine in the pool water.


As we browse through the article, we have understood the causes of the dry skin. Now, it is crucial to offer solutions to manage the dry skin.

Here it is!!!

First, is see a doctor if there are unusual redness and itchiness on the skin.

Second, use low chemical cosmetic products to keep your skin hydrated. As there is no single perfect soap that is suitable for you, so choose a soap that suits yours. If you don't know about your soap then you may call our skincare dermatologist @ 09649219219 to know your soap type.

Third, avoid using harsh scrubs and cleansers.

Fourth, In winters & Summers hydrate your health, Just repeating again "  hydrate your Health " By drinking water or eating fruits or nutritious food or doing exercises.

Fifth, stay happy as your internal feeling makes the most of it outside.