Summer skin Survival Guide for Men


Men who tend to work out in the Sun have major problems of sunburn with pre-clogging sweat.

Here is the guide for men to kill the summers and play nice with their skin. Acne, pimples, Sunburn and others are a common problem amongst the boys. The best remedies for such skin problems happen to exist with the dermatologists of Skinaa Clinic. He can prescribe some skin ointments that can prevent early signs of skin damage.

  1. Hydrate Your Self

Like one should not go scantily on water consumption. Water is the essential source of life that can help you battle the heat as efficiently as possible.

  1. Take Advice From Dermatologist Regarding Lotion & Creams

In a case of any skin problem like uneven skin, redness and more, the dermatologist of Skinaa Clinic will be of a great help. Ask them for the oil free Sunscreen lotions that can protect your skin with a layer deeper than the surface.

But mind it, before buying any Sunscreen lotion, please be sure to avoid the one’s that produce whiteness or ashiness on the face. According to the skin type and the tendency of the skin disorder you might develop, ask our dermatologist to make recommendations accordingly.

  1. Simple Home Remedy Recommended By Dermatologist.

If you were out in the Sun for a long time and have developed the inflammation after the Sunburn, visit the dermatologist. As per the intensity and depth of the burn, he can advise you to treat the Sunburn with the towel soaked in the skin milk and ice. You can do it yourself as well. Keep the towel for about five to ten minutes and treat the heat burns easily.

  1. Local Treatment For Dull Skin

Summer heat leads to the dullness of the skin after creating the dead cells. Ask your dermatologist about the local treatments that can be taken easily to maintain the skin’s health. The skin specialist can advise you to use the Salicylic acid peel twice a month. The Salicylic acid and other combination of chemicals can help kill the bacteria inside and slows the oil production.

  1. Use Sunscreen Lotions

Often the boys tend to have the thick and rough skin for which a different type of skin gels and creams are available. Use them after the consultation with the dermatologist that will help to reduce the oil production. If the Sunscreen does not suffice, ask the skin specialist for the antioxidant serum that can be applied in the morning. Summers can harm the skin of the boys and lead to direct DNA damage further breaking down the collagen and elastin.

  1. Skin Exfoliation Treatment

A dermatological process of skin exfoliation is one of the best remedies that can be used to revive the skin’s health.

As soon as you diagnose that your skin is suffering from a problem, consult with the dermatologist for quick relief and better results.